Tuesday, 14 June 2016

SETTING THE SCENE part 6 Graveyard, Ruins & first vignette.

This post covers a graveyard for my church as I didn't want to winterise my existing one, plus I had a spare Renedra grave sprue left over which I could use.
Warlord Miniatures 3 x building ruined Hamlet, plus the graveyard in the background.

My first of several vignettes that I plan on making for this project. This was a Corgi die-cast 1/48 scale Halftrack that I picked up from ebay for the bargain price of £3 due to the fact that it had a track missing on one side.

I am not that bothered about the halftrack being a slightly larger scale as I had planned for it to be ditched down the side of the road and half covered in snow, plus it gave me the chance to have a practice at painting US armour (need to go a lighter colour shade) and at £3 if it hadn't worked out then it wouldn't break the bank.  (Sprayed black and repainted)

On the table. 


Saturday, 28 May 2016

SETTING THE SCENE part 5 Buildings and Wagons.

Latest batch for 'Setting the Scene' is laser-cut buildings and wagons, also a scratch built small lake/pond.

Although I have winterised these buildings, I have done them in a way that I can remove the snow and use them in their original state for a sunnier setting. I have also used this method with some of my existing resin buildings, as you will see in the following pictures.

   The laser-cut buildings are from Charlie Foxtrot and the wagons are from Warbases. The resin Church and stable is from Total Battle Miniatures. I have textured and prepped the laser-cut stuff before painting and there will be a full tutorial of how I did this and the temporary snow effects in ''Setting the Scene' when it gets released.

The following pictures show both the summer and winter options.

Here you can see a comparison shot of the laser-cut building on the left and the resin building on the right.

And the same buildings with the winter effects.


I have set the scene for a few action shots, so you get to see the buildings from different angles.